SodaBottleOpenerWala – The Iranian cafe

Bombay styled Iranian café situated in the heart of Bangalore city is the SodaBottleOpenerWala. It is opposite to Harley Davidson showroom on Lavelle road.

Before the main entry gate, they have bicycles parked with milk cans, a small scooter, and an old telephone.

image of a small scooter and a telephone in sodabottleopenerwala

Interiors, it has got quite a colorful splash and flamboyant lighting, it has got wooden seating and the old style tiles. They have a toy train that goes around above your head.

picture of furniture inside sodabottleopenerwala

interiors of sodabottleopenerwala

Their old school retro Indian music is a major charm.

The menu is printed on tough wooden board and it’s quite elaborate you have so many options to try, which will require multiple visits.

picture of menu in sodabottleopenerwala

We went on Thursday, they had a live band playing (Guitar club present Gigs on wheels), which was quite loud.

picture of bands playing in sodabottleopenerwala

The Food

We had ordered quite a few items, so let’s start.

In drinks, we ordered Bumsuckerwala, Bombay julep and Baileys, all of them were good.

picture of Bumsuckerwala drink in sodabottleopenerwala

drinks picture in sodabottleopenerwala

In appetizers, we opted for Chicken Farcha, Klmi Fry, Steamed chicken kebabs.

Chicken farcha was delicious, but they could do away with the extra bit of oil.

picture of Chicken Farcha in sodabottleopenerwala

Kolmi fry, you would not be able to guess that there is prawn inside the fried wrapping of prawns & it was delicious. Steamed chicken kebabs were equally excellent with no trace of oil. I was happy that I am having something healthy :p.

picture of steamed chicken kebab in sodabottleopenerwalapicture of komli fry in sodabottleopenerwala






After appetizers, we ordered East Indian vindaloo pork, Parsi mutton masala roast, and everyone favorite Berry mutton pulav.

picture of Mutton roast in sodabottleopenerwala picture of mutton berry pulav in sodabottleopenerwala

picture of food in sodabottleopenerwala

Parsi mutton masala roast it was sweet and spicy, the sweetness came from the onions and the hotness from the chilies. The combination of both made it heavenly.

East Indian vindaloo pork it had authentic Goan vindaloo taste with a unique blend of the fat in the pork, the garlic, vinegar, jaggery and Kashmiri chili.

Berry mutton pulav is must order dish in Sodabottleopenerwala. The mutton was so tender that it just melts once you bite it, the rice was perfectly done.

Each of the items was really good, but quantity served is a little less for the money.

In dessert we ordered Caramel custard and Lagan du custard, the caramel custard was one of the best I have ever eaten but the other custard was average.

picture of Caramel custard in sodabottleopenerwala pictures of Lagan du custard in sodabottleopenewala






A must place to go visit if you are interested in trying some Parsi dishes and old Hindi music.

Happy Eating.

Love Neha








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