Peppermill Bistro – The White Casual Dining, Café.

Peppermill Bistro is a casual dining café situated on the new BEL road Bangalore. It can be easily located as it is on the main road.

Pictures of Peppermill bistro on new bel road

They have two floors and indoor and outdoor sitting option, on the top floor they serve Sheesha/Hookah. The interior is nicely done, its soft on the eye. Everything is mostly in white from the furniture to the color of the walls and it gives a refreshing feeling. They have a moderate sitting option.

This place will be perfect for a photo shoot.

Pictures of Peppermill bistro on new bel road

The menu is short and brief and the pricing is moderate.

The Food

On a Saturday afternoon, the Sheesha/Hookah floor was packed with school and college crowd and the first floor was quiet and peaceful.

We had ordered Herb infused prawns (battered fried) as appetizers and it was crunchy and yummy. It was served with sweet mayonnaise sauce. Though it was fried it was not oily.

pictures of Herb infused prawns (battered fried)

In drinks, we had ordered Virgin Mojito which I must say it was good with a perfect combination of mint leaves and lemon.

picture of virgin mojito


In the main course, we had opted for  Chicken Ala Kiev and Grilled Prawn A la Peppermill. Both of the dishes were good, I was expecting a little more as the appetizer was quite delicious.

Chicken Ala Kiev was served with herbed rice, boiled vegetables. The chicken was stuffed with veg batons and fried. Chessy sauce was poured over the chicken. The taste was good but they can skip the frying part of the chicken.

Grilled Prawn A la Peppermill was served with herbed rice, fries, french salad and mushroom sauce. The sauce was done perfectly and it enhanced the taste

pictures of Chicken Ala Kiev



pictures of Grilled Prawn A la Peppermill.

The staffs were courteous, most of the staff are females and the service was prompt too.

I would definitely like to visit this place once again and try out the other dishes.

Go on a cloudy day and sit outdoors, it will be worth it.

Overall a nice place to hang out with friends and family.



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