Beach lookbook

Hello everyone,?

This is my first blog and as I have always been a beach lover so it has to about my favorite summer beach outfits. Here I am going to share my 3 summer outfits to wear to the beach. So let’s get started.

LOOK -1  floral slit top


If you too love to embrace your inner women like me then floral is all about this.It gives a  very feminine, girly and youthful look. A slit maxi top with shorts is perfect to roam around the beach.


LOOK – 2 maxi dress 

When it comes to comfort and Elegance maxi dress is perfect for your holiday, it gives a very natural and earthy look.

LOOK -3   All white dress

You can never go wrong with an all-white dress in your summer holidays, it has its own attractiveness and it gives a very soothing look.


I hope you guys likedit..

Thank you


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  1. priya pawar says:

    Awsome outfits.. I just loved your beach look nd m looking forward to your next post..

    1. trendinmyway says:

      thank you so much priya 🙂

  2. Abha Mishra says:

    Nice blog neha i would love to follow your fashion trends..go ahead wid much more posts…

    1. trendinmyway says:

      Thank you so much Abha ?

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