Cafe Pink Pajamas

European themed café situated on a street which is full of eateries in Kalyan Nagar.

A fancy name compliments the nicely decorated interiors with patches of mostly of blue and white color, the furniture looks regal yet stylish.

The menu is a little different, where they serve quarter, half and full pizzas, so you can order the topping of your choice and the number of slices of pizza with it and they have more varieties in the breakfast section of the menu as they have all day breakfast.

Service was good, staffs were well-mannered.

We had ordered the Peri Peri Chicken, Smoked Chicken Pizza, and Virgin Mojito.

The Peri Peri chicken was ok, not that great. It was deep-fried and lacked the spiciness and it could have presented it better.

Virgin Mojito was as not bad, they could have squeezed little extra lime in it.

Smoked chicken pizza thin crust topped with jalapeno, and onion was good, they were perfectly cooked, and if they could increase the portion of cheese in the pizza it would be perfect.

It is a nice place to hang out with friends and relax.

I would recommend the place

** They have Stand-up Comedy Nights every Wednesday.





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