The ultimate packing guide for Leh – Ladakh

Sometimes we just need to get away from the city life and what can be a perfect escape than to mountains lakes and breathtaking views to placate any travel bug. If you are planning to high altitude places such as Ladakh, Stok Kangri etc. Here are the few lists of some essential items which need to be carried. Since every individual has different requirements so feel free to add or delete the things according to your needs. Hope this will help you guys to make your journey relaxed, calm & memorable.

Picture of Leh Ladakh

Basic Must Have’s

•    Multiple copies of E-tickets, travel itinerary & Vouchers

•    Medical Insurance

•    BSNL-postpaid connection as this is the only connection which works in the hilly regions

•    Some important contacts on a paper as phone batteries may die quickly.

•    Extra battery if you have any for your camera as in cold environment batteries die quickly.

•    Carry enough cash

•    1 Torchlight – for the offbeat places like Pangong, Nubra etc where electricity supply is not available mostly after 11 pm.

•    Hand Sanitizer, Hand Towel & Handkerchiefs.

•    Power Bank – very useful in such remote areas with limited power points.

•    Plastic zip lock bags/ plastic bags for used clothes.

•    Safety pins.

•    A pair of slippers.

•    Few pairs of socks (a couple of woolen socks as well) + woolen hand gloves.

•    Few thermals + couple of jackets. A windcheater/ raincoat might prove very useful on certain dates.

•    Photocopy of identity proof (Driving License, PAN Card, Election Card). Foreigners are requested to bring Original Passport with a valid India Visa on it.

•    Sun goggles, Sun Cap, Lip Balm

•    A small handbag to carry snacks, water bottle, ongoing medicine, and other requirements during traveling.

Picture of Leh Ladakh   

Must have Medicines

•    Diamox tablets for altitude sickness if you aren’t allergic to sulfur drugs.

•    Blister Plasters.

•    Painkillers (particularly for altitude-induced headaches)

•    Diarrhea tablets (for obvious reasons…)

•    Spray for pain relief

•    An antiseptic cream like betadine

•    Dettol or Savlon

•    Crocin or paracetamol for mild fever

•    Avomine for motion sickness and vomiting

•    D-cold total or Vicks Action 500

•    Cotton

•    Otrivin for blocked nose

•    Ongoing regular medicines (if any)


Must-have in your Camera Bag

•    Camera with Charger and extra batteries

•    Tripod and filters

•    Extra memory card and remote

•    Wide Angle lens (if you want to click landscape)

Picture of Leh Ladakh

Must-have Toiletries and Hygienic Needs-

•    Toothbrush and toothpaste

•    Hand wash

•    Face wash and a small bottle of shampoo

•    Wet tissue/Dry tissue

•    Deodorants

•    Moisturizing Cream/ Cold Cream/lip balm/ sunscreen

•    Comb

•    Small Mirror

Special Advice

Camphor had been the age-old remedy for altitude sickness, so please carry some with you.

Make sure to not disturb the natural beauty of this place, always use a dustbin 🙂

So,pack your bags now and make the most of your trip 🙂🙂🙂.

Picture of Boy & a girl in Tso Moriri Lake



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